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YYZ Cylinder for Oxygen Inhalation
YYZ Cylinder for Oxygen Inhalation


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  • Specification

    YYZ series self-pressurized liquid oxygen cylinders are made of high quality stainless steel materials, which equipped with booster system.This booster system itself can produce pressure to discharge liquid continuously.

    This kind of cylinder is composed of a control system and tank. The control system mainly includes liquid inlet and outlet valve, gas outlet valve, pressure building valve, release valve, double safety valves, liquid level gauge and pressure gauge.


    Mainly used for storing and transferring liquid oxygen in hospital and patient's house so as to perform oxygen inhalation easily.


    1.Equipped with double safety valves to play a double-protective role;

    2.Increasing pressure and discharging liquid continuously ensures that providing liquid/gas effectively;

    3.Carrying cart is optional for easy moving;

    4.Equipped with appropriative ultra-low temperature cut - off valve for easier operation;

    5.Special neck design and super low evaporation;

    6.Equipped with vaporizer for gas output;

    7.Special insulation materials for liquid oxygen application differentiate liquid nitrogen.

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