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liquid nitrogen sprayer
liquid nitrogen sprayer


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  • Specification

    YDL-250 is a hand-held liquid nitrogen cryosurgery device used for dermatology.



    1. Physical therapy: use low-temperature effect on the diseased tissue

    2. Stainless steel shots material, phase change refrigeration principle, rely on the evaporation pressure of the liquid nitrogen is formed, so that the infusion tube of liquid nitrogen from the liquid nitrogen flows into the cold head through the cup, so as to achieve the effect of cryotherapy

    3. Cold therapy device freezer head (9pcs), the infusion tube (connected to the lid elbow), liquid nitrogen cups, cup lids of liquid nitrogen (infusion tube is connected with the cap), vent switch (on the white cover projecting portion) composed of six parts of the handle

    4. Small size, light weight

    5. Double stainless steel bottle, no burst, no rust, beautiful appearance, simple structure, easy to operate, strong cooling effect, cooling fast



    1. Volume:250ml

    2. 9 x Frozen Head:

       2 x nozzle frozen head (1*2mm/1*3mm with holes);

       7 x direct contact frozen head

       (1*1mm/1*2mm/1*3mm/1*6mm/1*8mm/1*10mm/1*12mm without holes)

    3. Size: 305*250*145mm



    1. Don’t hold the steel pipe to rotate the lid

    2. Not suitable for long time storage of liquid nitrogen usually 6~10hours according to the ambient temperature

    3. There is no button for controlling on the handle,but the sprayer has a switch on the lid,you can control the flow Via it

    4. Severe cold urticaria, cryoglobulinemia, Raynaud's disease, and a small number of elderly, infirm, diabetic patients with lower limb blood circulation disorders are not suitable for use cryotherapy

    5. No liquid nitrogen inside,you should buy the liquid nitrogen in your country


    Package Include:

    1 x 250ml Nitrogen treatment device

    9 x Frozen Head

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