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Artificial Insemination System
Artificial Insemination System


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  • Specification

    The system includes artificial insemination gun,artificial insemination gloves and artificial insemination sheath.


    Gun Main Features:

    ∆With high quality stainless steel material, It can be used in straw semen artificial insemination . 

    ∆There are three specifications of 0.25ml,0.5ml and universal.

    ∆Light weight,simple structure,advanced technique,easy to operate,handle design ergonomic engineering and more durable


    Gloves Main Features:

    ∆It's made by high quality PE,850-900mm long and 0.04mm thick (double layers)

    ∆Mainly used for cattle,buffalo,horses and donkeys etc rectal palpation,

    ovarian pregnancy test,obstetric and artificial insemination.

    ∆Necessary to prevent workers suffering from occupational diseases and cross infection of female animal reproductive disease.

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