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Cryogenic suits/clothes
Cryogenic suits/clothes


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  • Specification

    Cryogenic protective clothing is suitable for workers to effectively resist the extreme cold temperature range from -250 ℃ to +160 ℃.

    It is widely used in the working condition of low-temperature gas, cold storage, ice, cold room. It is also suitable for biomedical, laboratory, industrial, aerospace, frozen food processing and any other extreme cold places.

    Model: LWS-JX-002 without backpack

             LWS-JX-003 backpack contains SCBA

    Structure: Siamese-style

    Material: multilayer composite material imported anti-hypothermia

    Function: Anti-cold, anti-nitrogen clothing, LNG protective clothing

    Size: S (160-165)

            M (165-170)

            L (170-175)

            XL (175-180)

            XXL (180-185)

            XXXL (185-190)




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